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We'd be pleased to have you join us for our fantastic tour of China. A group of 16 Americans from the East & West and the North & South were guided by Renee Ho, a very knowledgeable Chinese-American woman for Pacific Delight Tours on a 23-day tour from Beijing in the North to Hong Kong in the South. In each city we were joined by an English-speaking, college-trained guide with local expertise, supplied by the China International Travel Service (CITS). We saw a beautiful country of 1.5 billion people growing as if it were on steroids. Its cities leaping into the twenty-first century while trying to preserve their history. These 990 pictures were selected from about 1388 taken along the way.


Please visit the Help Page on your first visit. There are explanations of the navagation system, and some tips on how to set your monitor for best viewing of the pictures. Those wishing to plan their own China adventure might find the information on this China Travel Web site helpful.


Page last updated May 17, 2002.

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